Modern watchmakers, when required to repair older watches, for which replacement parts may not be available, must have fabrication skills, and can typically manufacture replacements for many of the parts found in a watch. The term clockmaker refers to an equivalent occupation specializing in clocks.

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PT. Tata Karunia Persada

PT. Tata Karunia Persada is provide Technology Research and Development in Jakarta

We serve to provide goods and services for projects in all regions of Indonesia with our experience in various time solutions, Technology Research and Development

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ICT Products and Services

Clock and Watches, for quartz and mechanical

Time Solutions, for ICT and Network time precision

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Official website of Luxury Watches Collection and Watch Design, general supplier Clock Watches which bigest market in Indonesia

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PT. Tata Karunia Persada
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Workshop: ARDEN MILLER clock tower
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